YES! to sustainability 2020 / DA! za trajnost 2020

ZARADI RAZMER, KI  NAS OBDAJAJO, TO LETO Projekte prostovoljstva izvajamo s spremembami:

1. za 3 prostovoljce is Slovenije

2. od maja do novembra (7 mesecev)

Vabljen si, da pošlješ sporočilo an in se prijaviš TUKAJ. 

LETO 2020 TI ponuja izkušnjo sonaravnega bivanja DOMA, v Sloveniji, na kmetiji Veles!

YES! to sustainability 2020 is coming soon. This is a project under the European Solidarity Corps program for young people (18-30 years) that would like to volunteer home or abroad. In our case on the farm, for a sustainable organization, for long term (7 months).

More info you can find in the link below:

ESC Veles invitation.doc

Don’t forget to APPLY. Please, do it NOW! We would like you to join us soon!

Food, accommodation and a monthly allowance are fully covered by the program.

Make a change.

Say YES! to sustainability

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